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The Asylum Restaurant in Jerome, Arizona.

Our Delicious Menus :




Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

With a dash of Cinnamon Lime Crema & Green Onion Garnish $7


Spicy Boneless Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Gorgonzola dip, celery & carrot sticks $11


“Turner” New Zealand Calamari

Fried Tubes & Tentacles with atomic cocktail sauce,
lemon basil aioli & wasabi aioli, pickled ginger $15


Castroville Artichoke

Boiled with virgin olive oil & tarragon. Lemon garlic butter dip & basil aioli $13


Field Green Salad

& Crusty Whole Grain Bread $6.50


Classic Caesar Salad

comes with crusty bread $9

Add Sonoran spiced grilled chicken. $16


The Calamari Salad

We’ve sorted out the rebel calamari & gleaned only the
sophisticated, to attend this dish. On top, our intellectually appealing Calamari, underneath lies fresh baby spring greens with balsamic & lemon garlic vinaigrette. We conduct rigorous interviews with New Zealand squid of which only few will pass & meet our standards. Comes with Crusty Bread $15


Spicy Chicken Salad

crispy chicken tenderloins dripping with hot buffalo wing sauce and loads of spring greens with fresh watercress, chili roasted walnuts, cilantro fruit salsa, crumbles of blue cheese and on the side some crusty La Brea Wheat Bread. $14


“The Stack”

Newly created for the 21st century, from deep within the Asylum Research & Development Facility. Coveted by all employee’s. We start with spring mix salad, topped with avocado. Then comes a lean patty of beef, caramelized onions, minced garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes & balsamic dressing drizzled all about. Topped with crumbled blue cheese and alfalfa sprouts. $14.50


Julienne Pastrami Salad

set on romaine lettuce with shredded parmesan cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, alfalfa sprouts & drizzled with balsamic-ranch dressing. Comes with Crusty Bread $12.50


Gardeners Sandwich

avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, red onions & mushrooms with muenster cheese, ranch dressing toasted marble rye bread, with fries, fruit or Cottage Cheese $10

Turkey Sandwich

Do you dream of turkey? We do. Don’t wake up yet, read the soothing
description & remain in la la land. Oh, so sumptuous chipotle apricot chutney, red onions, water cress, extra creamy cream cheese with crisp lettuce, on perfect “just ever so” lightly toasted bread. Accompanied by fresh juicy seasonal fruit, melt in your mouth fries or Cottage Cheese. Ok, wake up, wipe your mouth off & order, a glandular experience awaits you! $13


Mesquite BLT Sandwich

Some things must never change. Served on toasted Rustic bread with mayo.
fries, fruit or cottage cheese. $10


Mushroom Bacon Burger

All aboard! happy little mushrooms, stoic, yummy,
mesquite smoked bacon, easy grilled onions, Swiss cheese, mayo and your choice of fries, seasonal fruit or cottage cheese. $13



with House cut fries, mouth drippin juicy seasonal fruit or cottage cheese.
Comes with tomatoes, red onion, cheddar cheese & mayo. Pickle and Pepperoncinis on the side $11

- Add bacon & feel the love. $13


Hot Pastrami Sandwich

on marbled rye bread with Swiss cheese, grilled bermuda onions, dash of mayo. Choice of Fruit, fries or cottage cheese. Comes with mustard on the side. $12.50


Grilled New York Cheese Steak Sandwich

with meat sliced thin, melted cheddar cheese, green onions, grilled plobano peppers, caramelized onions, watercress, mayo & accompanied with
seasonal fruit, fries or cottage cheese. $16


Dinner Menu


Grilled Pacific King Salmon

prickly pear barbeque sauced,& set on tomatillo salsa with fried leeks
brown rice & steamed veggies $28


Char Broiled Chilean Sea Bass

stacked with steamed vegetables on a potato Griddle cake, and sauced
with poblano chili-chardonnay lemon butter. $29


Grilled Rocky Point Shrimp on a Skewer

organic brown rice & tomatillo salsa, cotija cheese
crumbles & steamed seasonal veggies $28


Sauteed Rocky Point Shrimp Scampi

tomato caper beurre blanc, shredded parmesan with
spinach pasta or brown rice. $28


Steamed Alaskan King Crab

16oz. of the deadliest catch with warm lemon butter dip,
mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Market Price


Oven Roasted
    Cold Water Australian Lobster Tail

white wine lobster pan sauce, lemon butter and
organic brown rice. Market Price


Fried Chicken Tenderloins & Alfredo Pasta

spinach pasta, shredded parmesan, alfredo cream sauce, nutmeg, chives
and steamed vegetables. $23


Sonoran Spiced Chicken

roasted peppers, macadamia nuts, Fresh Cilantro,
onions & chili pepper cream sauce on organic brown rice. $23


Sauteed Spinach Pasta

Extra Virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh Frizzled basil
& assorted seasonal veggies, and shredded parmesan. $21

- with Grilled Chicken added to your pasta $26


Sesame Tofu, Brown Rice
    and Roasted Butternut Squash

organic brown rice with steamed seasonal veggies,
pickled ginger, wasabi peas, Sweet & Spicy Kal-Bi sauce. $20

Roast Maple Leaf Duck Breast

organic short grain brown rice, fruit salsa,
cilantro, kal-bi sauce & shoe string potatoes. $27


Prickly Pear Barbeque Pork Tenderloin

with tomatillo salsa, mashed potatoes & seasonal veggies. $26


Grilled Achiote Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

chipotle apricot glaze, mashed potatoes & steamed
seasonal veggies. $26


Char- Broiled New York Sirloin

12oz New York Striploin, set-on tomatillo salsa & horseradish
sour cream, fried leeks, veggies and choice of
mashed potatoes or Hand Cut french fried potatoes. $32


Mesquite Bacon Wrapped & Char-Broiled Filet Mignon $31
wild mushroom demi-glas, accompanied by
steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes.